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2nd Hammer and P9 Registry are operated by Concours By Appointment a bonded and licensed specialty global brokerage. We utilize proprietary data and technology to create private, primarily owner to owner, transactions in exotic and collectible automobiles.

We have a strong reputation for protecting client privacy. Privacy is an important part of what clients require to maintain confidence that the information they share with us will be protected at all costs and that they will not be inundated by unwanted solicitation from dealers, brokers and prospective buyers. We are highly respected for using formulated policies and procedures designed to protect owners from unwanted solicitation and work to maintain 100% anonymity at all times.

Privacy is also a critical construct of our software and database platforms. Our focus on privacy across our technology is the gold standard for protecting collectors personal information and collection profiles.

What else do I need to know?

  • We never share buyer or seller identities until a transaction is near closing
  • We never take physical possession of vehicles and carry no inventory
  • Buyers can visit the vehicle in person prior to closing
  • We can arrange for a pre-purchase inspection (services provided at extra cost by our vendor partners)
  • We can arrange for post transaction logistics (services provided at extra cost by our vendor partners)
  • Sellers who would like to have a listing removed can contact us to claim the listing and make the request


What does 2nd Hammer do?

We act as a resource to transact in vehicles which have not sold at live auction. Using our extensive network of enthusiasts, collectors and traders, and our data and technology know how, we connect market participants across auction houses and locations. We offer our services to both buyers and sellers including for vehicles never at live auction. There is no upfront cost and our fees are a fraction of live auction house concessions. We are 100% success based.

How does it work?

Visit the 2nd Hammer site after each live auction to see which lots remain available or join our email list, or follow us on Twitter or Instagram for real-time updates. If you are the owner of a live auction vehicle contact us to claim your listing or if you would like to add a non-auction listing contact us to discuss our requirements.


What is the 2H VIP Club?

The 2H VIP Club is an assembly of collection portfolio profiles each tied to a single owner. Each portfolio consists of qualifying vehicles that the specific member owns or has owned. Containing hundreds of collections and thousands of vehicles the individual portfolios of members can only be viewed by other logged in members.

How can I become a member?

Members are qualified by CBA. Individuals can apply for membership by submitting the 2H VIP Club application form. Acceptance for membership is not guaranteed. There is no cost to being a member.

Why become a member?

Only members can access the 2H VIP Club portal to view and search for vehicles in 2H VIP Club portfolios. Members can offer vehicles for sale to other members, can solicit the purchase of vehicles they identify in other member’s portfolios and receive for sale offers from other members based upon their collecting profile. Non-members cannot access the portal and cannot make or receive proprietary vehicle offers.

How does buying and selling work?

As with other CBA platforms 2H VIP Club transactions are fully managed. Owners cannot contact other owners through the platform. Members wishing to buy identify vehicles of interest in collection profiles and CBA contacts the owners to gauge their interest. Members wishing to sell work with CBA to offer the target vehicle on either a narrow or broad basis within the 2H VIP Club universe. Non-members may purchase a 2H VIP Club vehicle under select circumstances. There is no upfront cost and our fees are a fraction of live auction house concessions. We are 100% success based.

How is collection profile privacy maintained?

Members must log in to view the collection profiles of other members and cannot view ownership identities nor chassis #’s or VINs.

Can I withdraw as a member?

No. Once a member is qualified, by application or appointment, they are forever a member of the 2H VIP Club.


What is P9 Registry?

P9 Registry is a private registry of 40,000+ late model Porsches. With 10,000+ owners on file it is the world’s largest non-manufacturer vehicle registry. Please see the PORS9 FAQ’s for more information.

How is PORS9 different from 2nd Hammer?

2nd Hammer and P9 Registry share a common software platform. We are the only integrated platform that markets every vehicle using a proprietary Vehicle ID system that protects VIN identity. Our Vehicle ID system is ubiquitous throughout the PORS9 platform and all of our marketing applications and also extends to 2nd Hammer. This proprietary system allows us to supply all of the documentation a buyer needs to make a purchase decision with the VIN and owner identities redacted.

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